Friday, January 14, 2011

Mother Nature's Gifts.....

We have a fairly good sized wholesale nursery.
Each winter my husband and oldest son spend weeks pruning our Japanese Maples.
Sometimes they find beautiful treasures in those maples. The birds have moved on. The nests have been empty for several months.
I am so happy to have them. All year long I gather moss, leaves, acorns and oak galls. I dry some of my sunflowers and then put them in these gorgeous jars. My pictures do not do justice to the nests...such intricate beauty;so fragile in appearance. Birds and spiders, Mother Nature's finest engineers.
Best to all, e.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic treasures!! I found a brids nest in the wreath on my front door one year. I kept it for a long, long time, but then let it go because I didn't know how to store it. Glass jars would have been a great idea!

Ginnie said...

You have a lovely way of displaying everything. I will be interested in viewing your blog entries when the warm weather gets here.

jackie said...

Your house! It's so full of treasures! Most of my "decorating" comes from nature too.