Sunday, December 7, 2008

This Loving Precious Presence.....

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...left just before Thanksgiving.
She was not mine, but I loved her and I had taken care of her on several occasions.
She belonged to my son, daughter-in-law and my grand daughter. She was energetic, loving, caring, funny and always ready to take care of her family.
Her family misses her. I miss her. There is a huge void in the house.
She is not able to be there to greet her loved ones. She will no longer be able to race around, to be the silly thing and loving being that she was.
She was brought down here to be buried with other loved animals that we have had.
I salute you, Maddie Dog, or Dish as you were sometimes called.

Samantha loved you. You were there before she was born. You kissed her face. You loved her and guarded her. My favorite story is this one about the both of you:

I was up at my son's and daughter-in-law's taking care of Samantha and Maddie. Samantha picked up a picture of her father and Maddie. Sam says to me: "Gamma, I just love my Daddy and Dishy, I just love them so much."
I say, "I know you do Sam. I know you love Daddy and Dishy."
Samantha: "I just love them so much, Gams."
I say, "They love you too, Sam."

Samantha says to me, "Do you know which one is Daddy, Gams?"

Humor in loss ...a dog from the pound who gave her whole being to her family...a loving and wonderful presence...a being who loved and was loved...a gift to a small family..and to me.

Rest in peace, Dishy and know that you were loved. My heart is heavy. I miss you and you really were not even mine.



jacquie said...

what a precious memory. when our first lab, moose, died, my son told me not to be sad. he said, "mommy, moose is god's dog now." welcome to heaven, dish.

Anonymous said...

Yes, welcome to heaven Dish! If you are loved there half as much as you were loved on earth you will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this, Ellen. We all belived that Dish is in heaven. I hope Samantha (and you) are fine now.

Sarah said...

What a glorious girl. I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

Marti said...

She looked like a wonderful dog. So sorry for your loss.

weebug said...

their lives are so short, but they leave such an empty spot when they go. i am sorry for your loss.