Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thank You....

for honoring this often obtuse, sometimes nutty, now and then amorphous little place I call home. I am proud to be your adopted mother. (This is an honorary position as she does have a real life mother who has to be someone very special.) Proud because you write with grace and kindness, with humor and love. It is easy to "read" where your heart lies, to recognize your generosity and true genuineness. (Is that a word? If not, it should be.)
Jackie and I have often shared stories of raising sons; the joys, the bittersweet moments, and yes...the hilarity that always goes hand in hand with sharing a life with young men. Her boys are beautiful, responsible and remarkable. I always look forward to peeping in on the warmth and love that abounds, that is nourished and shared in her home. It is hard for me to feel that I give back an equal share to her.
(Does this sound like a love letter to a dear friend? If so, good!)

p.s. and edit: I just clicked on the link and came up with some strange stuff..as demonstrated (once again) I know not what I do. This Jackie is at smoothpebble. Eek and ackkk, will I ever learn?

p.p.s. or pi$$...I tried again, I think it now works. The wonder of a glass of wine! In vino veritas.



jacquie said...

so deserved...thanks for sharing her link...amazing paper cuts.

Anonymous said...

I feel as though we could switch the places of the names in your love letter, with me writing to you. Because honestly I think all those things of you and you have no idea what you have given back to me! You have given me nourishment for my soul! So I raise my glass of vino to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh.. what a lovely love letters between best friends. Hope your friendship last forever :)

Amy said...

I agree, you do deserve this award! Your words are always so honest, open, and heartfelt. Plus, you are just awesome!