Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'd Like To Announce.......

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....the arrival of little Aubergina and Cucumberella.Despite weighing in at only a few ounces each, they are hale and hardy little gems. Though not exactly fraternal twins, they were both nurtured in the same whiskey barrel womb and are very welcomed. Excuse me for a moment while I gently nestle them back in their crisper crib where they can chill out quietly before they go on to greater glory this evening. (OOO, I am feeling most wickedly unmaternal here.)
There, they are both settled in, cozied up to the spinach and basil.
Enough nonsense. This is the first year ever that we have not had a proper garden. Living where your business is has many advantages as well as the disadvantage that sometimes there are no closing hours, and so other things like gardens go, by the wayside. I did plant some lettuces and Asian greens in an old wheelbarrow. Unfortunately, one of my sweet Newfoundland dogs discovered she had a love of organic greens and has repeatedly helped herself. As these were in her fenced in area and the normal big garden was never prepared, we are not about to enjoy a harvest this year. Oh, well...next year, damn the torpedoes,full speed ahead, it will happen.

Happy weekend to all..and yes, the date is totally wrong. Oh, well..



jacquie said...

run girls run...there is an evil plan afoot!

Anonymous said...

oh..poor you both Cucumber and Aubergina. Soon you'll be on Ellen's salad plate :(
haha...what a funny post, Ellen.
The date?? Never mind, as long as the post pop up in your blog :)