Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Other Day

we had some of this. It was beautiful. It was magical. We don't get too much here as we are only about 40 miles inland from the coast. As a girl from the tropics, I am always enchanted and mesmerized. It is a lovely miracle. I marvel at how Nature smooths out the angles, how She softens our surroundings, and how She brings a palpable silence.
I have to be cautious about what I wish for. Our snow is usually wet and can take the steel in the greenhouses and bend them like toothpicks when we get too much.
I hope for just another wee miracle of snow soon, just enough to delight and enchant me without the damage.



Marti said...

How nice to hear a positive opinion of snow. Up here, after about 30 inches or so, you tend not to think of it as a miracle! (jk)

marylou said...

Hi E,
What a lovely picture!! I used to live in Lake Tahoe and we received a fair amount of snow. I loved it and so did the children, they were always at the ski slopes:-) Stay warm and remember, cold weather is a grand reason to indulge in a hot buttered rum ^-^
Hug Life, Marylou

Anonymous said...

Oh, after YEARS of living in Southern California I loooong for the miracle of snow.

Alisha said...

After growing up in Texas and living in Oklahoma, I'm mesmerized by snow. I've had plenty of experience with ice, but snow -- snow was always a rarity. Living in Austria now, I think I've seen more snow this winter than in all my previous winters combined.

Unknown said...

I grew up in Portland, but I can echo Alisha's sentiments.(Well, about the ice and the paucity of snow--not about Vienna, unfortunately.)

Thank you for your prayers about Steve's interview and for your compliments on our sweet boy--being a mom yourself I'm sure you know how nice it is to have someone admire your child!

weebug said...

i am so jealous! we could really use a good dumping right about now.

Nora said...

Lovely! I miss snow, I haven't lived in a snowy climate since childhood. Thanks for the reminder!