Saturday, January 19, 2008

24,090 Sunrises and Sunsets...

January 20th is my birthday.
Approximately: 24,090 sunrises and sunsets, 72,270 meals, 23,265 tooth brushings on my own, unnumbered views, uncountable vistas in the rear view mirror that is my life.
Amazement beyond the beyond that I could be and am here.
Gratefulness and thanks for all things given to me. They are beyond anything that anyone could hope and pray for.
Sadness, tears, anger, questions, loss and and true pain, yes.
Joy, enchantment, delight, laughter and goodness, YES.
THANKS, yes.

I'll never be 66 again. On to being that and in my 67th year.



weebug said...

ellen, the happiest of birthdays to you, and here is to many more!

Marti said...

My birthday is the 30th! Isn't that neat?! Have a wonderful's to yet another January friend I've 'met'!

Amy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN!!! What a sweet baby and beautiful women :) I wish you many more years of joy, enchantment,.... Hope you had a lovely day :)

jacquie said...

Happy Birthday Ellen! What a positive way to look at life. Here's to many more!!!

Nora said...

Happy birthday! Many happy returns of the day (and great photos!)

The Urban Chic said...

Ellen, I found your blog from Marylou and read your post. Being a good parent and raising them to be good citizens is a step in the right direction for turning our country around.

Happy Late Birthday. I hope you had a great day and many more to come. Hugs, Pat

ellen said...

Thank you all for your kind words and Happy B'day wishes.
It was a good day!
Many thanks, I appreciate each one so much.

Unknown said...

Ellen, Happy belated birthday to a very sweet and funny Gal. Sorry i missed it.. I hope you had a lovely birthday! What an adorable baby photo and delightful post..
Blessings ~Mary~

Brenda Williams said...

Happy belated birthday Ellen. Sorry... I've been caught up in changing semesters and getting to know a new group of kids. Hope 08 is Great for you and yours. By the way you look great in BOTH photos.