Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy Birthday

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The birthday boy is pictured on the left.The one on the right is his brother, another one of my all-time favorite people.
I have read on a number of blogs how mothers are amazed at how time passes so the blink of an eye. Don't I know that!
Birthday boy, I know that you have forgiven me for leaving you at kindergarten, those many years ago, when there WAS NO school that day, when I got half way home and the light bulb exploded in my head!
I know that you have forgiven me the day I took my time coming out to check on you, the day your little brother kept running into the kitchen to tell me you had fallen off of your skateboard. Three times he ran in and three times I said I was coming. Your brother finally yelled, "MOM, Kevin's fallen off of his skateboard, and he is lying in the BUSHES!" I went out to find you and, sure enough, there you were in the bushes with a broken arm. My only excuse is that you were a tad bit overly dramatic in those days.
I have forgiven you for breaking my tail bone when you were born. You won't remember, but the rubber donut and I were inseparable for a year.
I have forgiven you for having to listen to your first grade teacher tell us that in all of her years of teaching, she had never had a child like you in her class. This was not uttered with a smile on her face.
I have forgiven you for your thirteenth year, something best forgotten and filed away under "teenager" self-absorption.
I love you with all my heart, I love you for your integrity, your sense of loyalty, your "hard work" ethic, and your unstoppable sense of humor. I love you for your constant affection for your parents and your true love for that other special guy up there in the picture.
I know I am a few days late in writing this, but my pride in you is absolute and the joy I receive from having you in my life knows no bounds!

Oh! p.s. Sweetie, I've also forgiven you for taking my BRAND NEW Le Creuset frying pans into the back yard, building a little camp fire with pine wood and cooking some hamburgers. I also forgive you for encouraging your little brother (in the above picture) to make, as he whispered in my ear one time, "Frank Phone Calls".
And I forgive you both for taking the Hungry Jack refrigerated biscuits and placing them on a red hot burner so that you could watch them explode.
(If any readers are tempted to call Children's Services over my neglectful ways: it's too late to do that.)


Amy said...

Le Creuset frying pans?!...Oooh, I don't know whether I could forgive that ;0) What do your boys think of their mom blogging?

marylou said...

And Ms. E...I forgive you for NOT sharing these two gorgeous & very bright young men with us before!! Like they say, the acorn does not fall far from the tree. You must be so very proud of these grand fellas and I don't blame ya one bit. You did good Ms. E! Mr. E too:)Thanks for sharing with us and Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful family ^-^
Hug Life, Marylou
ps..rubber donut for a year, ya just know how to hit my funny bone, don't ya:-)

weebug said...

oh my, it took me a bit to stop laughing enough to comment! thanks for the smile and uncontrollable giggling fit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh!
It's like reading about my own kids in another universe!

Isn't great to have good kids


suzee said...

Hi, Ellen! Amy sent me your way - I'm your swa-partner. Swap-artner? Swapper?

Anyway, as I cruised through your posts (Amy was right, you're wonderful!) this one really did me in. Laughing and tearing up at the same time. My baby boy is 11.5y, and seeing into the future like that was great. Thanks!

So...what interests you in a coaster?