Thursday, December 27, 2007

This Is Not A Political Blog

but I just cannot write about the beautiful Christmas we had. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to do it.
It seems almost obscene to wax on about how wonderful it was in view of what has happened. I want to scream, to pray, to enlist the hopes and needs of so many people in this world today. GOD help us. May we all reach out to people who are in situations so horrible that their hope is blown up before their eyes.
Rest in peace, may your death not be in vain. Help us all to love one another, to be gentle, to care and to walk in each other's shoes, to understand, to collectively hope and work for what saves us all.
a small p.s. i do not mean to dismiss anyone who writes about their holiday, happiness or wonderful Christmas. This is just me.


Amy said...

My heart has been heavy much of the time this December, now I am just plain sick. An amazing women. You are right to say "God help us."

marylou said...

Dearest E,
I feel the same as you. What a devastating tragedy!! I am without words, which for me is rare.
God's Blessings to Us All, I fear we need them now more than ever.

Nora said...

Thanks for this lovely tribute and reminder. It is a tragedy indeed.

Crayons said...

Thank you for this moving post. I have to believe that life holds in its heart a movement toward wholeness. But there seems to be so much devastation and chaos. Sometimes it feels like everything is falling apart.