Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Dishing It Up" in making dishcloths for some Christmas presents. Not exactly on most peoples' wishlist, but I do know that some really like them. My photos are not very good. I blame the light outside today. It's been very dreary and quite rainy at times. It is always a delight to blame trash photos on the light! 

The last one is obviously not completed. The pattern, I believe, is called The Almost Lost Dishcloth. When you have completed fourteen points, you seam it up and then close the hole in the middle. It is a fun knit and turns out quite lovely. The first ones I also like. I don't know the name of them and when you knit them, they look as if they will never become a square...but, magic happens and they do. 
Wishing all a wonderful week, and sending loving thoughts to some who are going through very hard times now.
With love, Ellen.


Wren said...

An always welconed gift! It is all my mother will use...xo

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

That last one... Done in white... Could be a snow flake decoration... A few of them, strung across a window or something...

Nice to see a new post here!!!!

Gentle hugs,

driftwood said...

those are lovely x

Gracie Saylor said...

I love what you are "dishing up," Ellen, and your concern for those going through hard times. The second pattern you show is the style I have knit for the last 45 years. I love making them, but admire the other patterns you are making as well! xx

Ginnie said...

Your photos (whether of nature or of "things") are always so colorful. I'm surprised you didn't have a poem specific to washcloths ...that, along with the cloths would make a wonderful Christmas gift !

J & B said...

Love these colourful pictures, reminds me when my Grandmother
taught me how to knit, thank good ness she had a lot of patience!
being left handed we struggled a lot, I found crotchet easier,
still love messing around with wool and remember fondly
sitter nag by grandmothers fire in the evening getting tied up
with wool only to unravel and start again.
Practice makes perfect she used to how true!
Bless all Grandmas who help with their Grand children and carry on the craft. Babs

driftwood said...

hope you're ok, not seen you on here for a while. take care xxx

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