Sunday, November 1, 2015


Dear October,
You were splendid. Do not tell the others, but you are my favorite month. You brought bright sunny days, not too hot, chilly and misty mornings, the right amount of gentle rains and such radiance.
I love you October. You are never to be removed from my heart.

Wooly bears, hops, gourds, pumpkins, brilliant spider webs, feathers, lovely views of our bridge and your breathtaking colors.
Wishing all a lovely and happy November,
p.s. Dearest October, I do not mean to offend you or to cause hard feelings, but I am a bit disappointed that you did not take the fruit flies with you. They are still in residence here. I know you can't do everything. 


J & B said...

They are nasty little beasts, same here hopefully they are getting fewer
as the cooler weather comes in, accept this week parts of Ontario
will have some pleasant weather for a few days around 14 and sunny
gives us a chance to empty pots in the garden and tidy up.
Hope all is well and your Thanksgiving will all you want it to be.
love your Autumn colours. Take care Babs

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Sweet post!

Gorgeous photos!

Oh my! Fruit flies still with you!

I do this. Take a small glass, wet rim, turn over in sugar, to coat the rim. (Keeps flies from crawling back up glass and escaping.) Then pour a little sweet red wine, into a glass. Set it on kitchen counter.

You will soon see the little "buggers" happily drinking themselves silly.

Worth a try, if they are still hanging around. :-)

driftwood said...

your October is beautiful. I can see why you would love it x

Grammy Braxton said...

As always, an amazing post. October is my favorite month also, so much so, that I planned my wedding for October, 43 years ago. Must have been good luck, we are still at it.
Hope your week is a good one.
Talk to you soon,

sian said...

Beautiful collection of photos :) xxx

Ginnie said...

Yes, there is something special about October ... even beyond the amazing colors. Thanks for the amazing photos !

Gracie Saylor said...

Oh no, you have fruit flies, too !?! We have been swatting them, drowning them, and vacuuming them up, and still they manage to multiply! Your gorgeous photos and poetic narrative do calm me though... even though a few fruit flies are flying between my eyes and the computer screen....mercy.... xx