Sunday, October 4, 2015

Too Much

Made tea.. made tea.. sipped Scotch.. cursed.. called on God.. held close to those I loved who were near.. said prayers.. cried again..looked for answers.. asked for answers.. prayed for answers..too much.. too much..sat with dogs..
What is wrong with this country..why do we have to have damned guns?
This all relates to the small community college that is not that far from where I live..perhaps an hour and a half away. Many of the kids I had in school over the years went there..I went there at times for teacher in-service. This tragedy happened in Roseburg, Oregon. It has happened all over this country. This is just not o.k. 
I certainly cannot fix it. I cannot make anything better, except the smallness of the place that surrounds me. 
I can send loving thoughts to people who know me not..but perhaps that is a beginning..and, in comfort because this has been too close, I can gather images that help me to heal..because I have lost some loved ones.

Love, Ellen.
(re-reading this, I see I need to be one in my family was harmed.)


Gracie Saylor said...

Dear Ellen,
I am sorry for your loss, for our loss as a nation, state, county, community...our church family prayed today that the Lord will comfort all those who mourn...and I will continue to pray that the Lord will empower us to better love one another in practical ways that will protect and promote life.
With love,
Gracie xx

Mereknits said...

I so agree with you, and to make it even more tragic we are getting used to this, it doesn't even get the coverage it used to, there are other headlines on the front page and not just this. People tragically shot again because we don't have better gun laws, it is unbelievable that after all the shooting we have, not just at schools we are still seeing this happen. I am sending you a hug, I know you are near to this area which makes it even worse, but we are all saddened by this. And frankly I feel we are all responsible because we do nothing to stop it.

Jennifer Hays said...

I'm so sorry, Ellen. I really don't know what to say about all these tragedies and I just pray to never be faced with such a terrible situation. I have a loose connection to the Newton, CT shootings and that has been hard enough. I hope you're able to find peace of mind in the wake of this terrible event. Take care.

driftwood said...

it is so very sad. but you care deeply about it, and if enough people care too then things can change xxx

Ginnie said...

What a lovely idea to post pictures of things you love, Ellen. I have cut way back on my "things" but there are some that will stay with me forever and they truly do give comfort.
On the bigger issue I think that our country is on a downward spiral. Everywhere you turn you see, read or hear about huge amounts of money being used worthlessly ... on game shows, politics, sports, etc. No wonder that the 99% that don't share in this lofty gluttony are angry and this spills over to the copy-cat killers who just wait for their chance to take that hatred out on unsuspecting, ordinary citizens. I think that our President is truly a fine person and would love to ease the hatred and anger that is bubbling to the surface but he is thwarted at every turn. I don't see an easy answer but it surely must start with gun control.

Annie Cholewa said...

I have had all the issues around the right to bear arms and hunting to fill one's larder explained to me, and I still don't understand the ready availability of what are basically assault weapons on your side of the pond. We Brits need a license to own and carry guns, and plenty of licensed country folk keep a shotgun for pest control, but culturally we don't celebrate the gun as many in America do, and nor are guns easy to come by here. I hope and pray it can soon be the same in your society xxx