Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Early Morning Light

Oh, Hello wee one up there.

The sky truly was that red the other morning. I channeled my inner sailor and took warning. 
Here's a wish to all that your week is going along well.
(I sincerely hope that I have not caused anyone to fall out of their chair...imagine two posts in just a few days. I have absolutely no idea what has come over me.)
Love, Ellen.


J & B said...

Hi Ellen,

Well it was well worth your effort, enjoyed the reds in your photos taking the time to look
is what counts for photography and you sure get some good ones.
We did get rain in sort of one big gush and the clouds left in minutes
peculiar weather this year especially for farmers. We are lucky
no forest fires near us hope you get some rain soon though.
all the best Babs & John

sian said...

Beautiful light Ellen - love the chair photo and the knitting needle one : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen! What a lovely post! Those photos really cheered my heart... umm, are those glass knitting needles I spy in one of those photos? Life does indeed sound good where you are right now. I have always wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest but so far have been unable to convince DH. I almost fell off my chair when I read that you have two Newfies!!! :D I always wanted to have a pair of Newfoundlands and name them Abecrombie and Fitch, lol! If I were to be so lucky as to acquire a pair now I'm sure I would not name them that! :D However, considering we now live in a small New England converted barn I can't see that happening but it is still a dream! I wanted to say thank you for your kind words when you popped over to my blog today...it helped! I look forward to visiting your blog again soon!
Hugs my sweet blogging sister,
Beth P

Grammy Braxton said...

I'll have to enjoy your beautiful photos of early morning light. I'm never up early enough to see anything like that. :) Beautiful light, beautiful trees, beautiful lady writing the blog.