Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Down Across Our Bridge

These photos were taken several weeks ago
when the sun shone with that lovely light that May brings us.

Wild Iris..every spring, it makes my heart glad.

Broom...so sunny, so bright and fills the valleys with sunshine.

Loved creek that in winter roars and where I can see
the precious otters playing and sometimes the statue
of a heron waiting and waiting...a stone image
of patience and such beauty.
Ducks too and determined beavers..a soup of Mother Nature in all of her glory.

Wild lupines on the other side...

The humble wild rose...asks for nothing other than to be here.
And last, but not least the glory of this tree.
Oh, how I love this wise old tree...

A giant, an old soul who's branches have 
held true through time after time.

If trees could tell stories, surely this old man would..
from the times of traders and trappers, he truly would.
Today the sun shone and in the late afternoon
and early evening I have watched flotillas 
of powder puff clouds slowly drifting in a sky
of blue..such a sweet blue..a lovely blue.

May love and goodness come to all
who visit here.
With love, Ellen.


driftwood said...

such beauty in the spring sun. it was worth the wait xxx

maggiegracecreates said...

i do so love your writing and photos. hoping your shoulder continues to improve. Much love.

Annie Cholewa said...

Oh my, you have beavers! Beautiful images Ellen of such wonderful wild things :)

Mrs. Micawber said...

The iris is so very lovely ... here we have Blue Flag Iris which I haven't seen yet this year. (Sometimes I see other "wild" iris that I suspect have naturalized from someone's garden as they are usually mauve or yellow or white.) I love the blue and purple ones best.

Did you notice that the wild rose petals are heart-shaped? :)

Your stream is beautiful, and how lucky you are to have otter and beavers to watch.

sian said...

Beautiful : ) what a glorious place to live and beavers too!