Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cow Chow....

....and babies.
In the spring we had some new additions to the herd.

I love the face on this one.
Zorro or Zorretta?

These last photos are of some of the forage my family planted for
the grazing cows. It was eventually baled, but a bit of it
ended up in jars in the house.
I think they are beautiful.

Above is arrow leaf clover and below triticale.

Hoping that all of you are having, or have had,
a wickedly good Wednesday.
Tomorrow I am off to the eye dr. to have
a cataract removed from my right eye.
I am grateful to be able to have this done
and will be even happier to have it over with.
These sneak up on everyone after a certain age
and I know it's a pretty routine procedure. 
Best to all, Ellen.


Grammy Braxton said...

Will be thinking about you tomorrow. I'm so glad you didn't procrastinate about that! :) You will be fine and able to see so much better. Love to you, my friend. Hugs, Sharon

Mrs. Micawber said...

Well, this answers the question I just asked via email.... :) Have said a prayer for your surgeon and for you. Here's to a good outcome.

Such beautiful forage! I like clover blossom too. It's so exotic-looking, isn't it? And tall grasses are endlessly fascinating, especially when they sport dangly, delicate seeds.

J & B said...

Love the little one and the top knot ,it's as though she
has just had a perm!
Re cataracts John off in two weeks having one done too !
it really has made it awkward for photographing.
so it's good to look at your clover,they look so full
and bright, I like to bring in little wild flowers too
and I have a passion for mint and herbs,just to cheer
the kitchen up.
hope you o goes well too, I Habe decided not to think
of numbers each year, each day is different so
happy with that,years go by too quickly

Mereknits said...

Those babies are so cute. Hope your eye surgery goes well.
Hags to you,

driftwood said...

hope the surgery went well. love the triticale photo x

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your surgery :) Lovely pics.

Wren said...

Hope you are well.. thinking of you! hugs!