Saturday, November 3, 2012


a bit fragile
and vulnerable,
though it has been
a good day.
still and still.
Aren't we blessed
to have such beauty
around us?
Quiet, stillness
and transparency can be good.
Still, still, still..
that's how we find ourselves.
best. e.


Sirpa said...

Wonderful colours! Really beautiful!

Susan T said...

If you don't mind I would like to run of a copy of that image,it is so beautiful. I hope that your spirits lift soon dearest one and that happy thoughts follow. All love from here XXX

trish said...

It is indeed a beautiful image.
I feel a little fragile today... hormones and the weather! xxx

Grammy Braxton said...

Beautiful photo as always. Hoping you are feeling better and enjoying the stillness. We all need a little still in our lives.


Annie Cholewa said...

I know that feeling ... but to let stillness wash over one, yes that's the cure. Wise Ellen, I hope your equilibrium is restored x

Mrs. Micawber said...

November can be like that. I hope you will be able to soak up a little sun (without flying too near the flame).

What amazing wings. I love to look at moths - such quietly stunning beauty.

Mona said...

Oh I so love the beauty of moths!
I'll light a candle for you, Ellen, and send the light and warmth all the way over to you to warm you up a bit. We often feel fragile and vulnerable this time of year when winter approaches - and we need to warm up our souls to feel whole and strong. I think your eye for beauty and your ability to listen to the silencemay be of great comfort!
x Mona

Sian said...

beautiful photo : ) I find just wondering round with my camera in hand looking for the small and beautiful a great way to feel better about everything!
hope you're feeling better : )

Ginnie said...

Fragile and vulnerable are such illusive feelings ... you are wise to be still and not let them overwhelm you. Your spirit comes alive through your lovely photos.

Ginnie said...

Love your thoughts, Ellen. And the "still, still, still" brought a Christmas anthem to mind. It's good practice, no matter what time of year, isn't it.