Thursday, November 1, 2012

Autumnal Glory

..Seen in a few of our greenhouses..
Many pictures, I know.
Wasp taken by my son on his phone.

 Porcelain beauty of the ginkgo..
living fossil
coral or angel wings
Contrast in color that I loved

Beautiful bark..I am ignorant about which maple this is
but I can still rejoice in it's beauty

Again, loved the dappled beauty here

Dried, down to the bone
holds it's own loveliness

More of the same

Dappled, freckled

Old angel's wings

Bark with character
age has it's beauty

Always look down
for there is surprise and delight

Fairy pillow
Green in the land of reds and golds

Magical palette..

best to all, e.


Sian said...

Beautiful : )
I've put you on my blogroll, is that okay?

Susan T said...

Dearest Ellen these photographs are wonderful, wrty of National Geographic. xxx

Susan T said...

OOPs my keyboad meant worthy of course.

Snowcatcher said...

Truly spectacular. I love the reds the best, but you've captured such a wide variety of autumn splendor. I agree with Susan... very worthy of National Geographic!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Ditto to all of the above! Those reds ... I could stare at them forever and happily drown in scarlet bliss. I love the "look down" photo and sentiment.

(Also the idea of "bark with character". I shall tell myself that when I look in the mirror.)


Angy is my name. said...

Oh Oh oh!! Wowsers! These images are simply magic. They cast a spell on me and I was left sighing and smiling and marvelling... I soooo wish we could grow Gingko here. I read on another blog called Dear Friend that dipping them in wax helps to make them last longer....

In the words of Arnie... I'll be back!! :-)

trish said...

Wow... such stunning photos.x

dina said...

Just when I think you've outdone yourself.... as always you gift to capture beauty leaves me breathless.

Mona said...

Lovely, lovely photos! And it is so interesting how you just know when something is a 'living fossil'- like silverfish, woodlouse, ferns, starfishes ...

Ginnie said...

Your eye is so incredible, Ellen!