Friday, January 13, 2012

Separate Tables..

Believe me,
it's not this way. 
I just think of the title of this movie,
which I do love, (the movie, that is)
as what happens when my husband
is gone to a trade show for the nursery.
Of course, it doesn't happen. Wouldn't that be interesting?
But we do have "separate tables".
He has been in Baltimore, eating crab cakes
and delicious Italian food..
I am at home eating tofu and kale,
poached chicken and bulgar with spinach, which I do love..
also left over corned beef which I somehow ruined.
I get the hens in early,
feed the dogs, get coffee ready for the morning brew,
throw dog poo over the fence because I can
and we live in the country, and it is
my right.
I look out of the windows and still marvel at the sky.
Soon they will be screaming about
drought in Oregon.
No rain, below freezing for the last few nights.
The moon and sun said goodbye today.
The origami moon, still beautiful was there at 5ish.
I spend my day watching a movie on my computer.
Today it was Our Mutual Friend.
My monitor is about as big as our
out dated t.v. screen.
I purl away with some lovely wool
and in some breaks, do laundry.
I crack the ice outside on the dog's water bowls
and make sure the stray cats are fed.
I get my hot water bottle ready to fill
and then, make some of this right before bed.
And in between this and that,
I read some pages.
I keep my twinkle lights from Christmas up.
Twinkle, fairy lights are good.

I reflect on the fact that I haven't done much
except indulge me.
I have exercised my biceps bringing in wood
to keep the house warm.
Tomorrow he will be home.
I am glad and will be happy to see him.
It is all good.
And, guess what?
I have indulged my inner child at 3 a.m.
I can make my warm and cozy p.j.'s 
spark with electricity with this dry cold,
cold air.
Sparking my jammies makes me laugh,
even at 3:00 in the morning.


Susan T said...

You sound as if you have it pretty good there, what a lovely day, full of little joys, just as it should be. Horlicks, still love it after all these years, it used to be a bedtime drink when I was a child. Nothing like sparky PJ's to help you appreciate the finer things in life.x

jackie said...

life as poetry my friend! you do it beautifully. love the inner child as well. love her with all my heart! I've never heard of horlicks...

Ginnie said...

You have an amazing imagination, Ellen, and thanks for sharing it with us.

Mrs. Micawber said...

And I thought they only drank Horlick's in England - in the last century.

Haven't had bulgur for a long time. Now I want tabbouleh!

I love to make my pjs spark too. Silly, isn't it? What a fun post and I hope your reunion with Mr. e is as pleasant as the picture on the movie package. :)

robyn L. said...

I LOVE making sparks with my jammies in the dark! :)

furrybees said...

That sounds like a grand time. I know how that odd mix of freedom (from the usual routines) with a sense of something missing feels. Nevertheless, I could do with a few days just like that!

Ginnie said...

Ellen, the sparking jammies made me laugh out loud! So funny - and good for you!

I'll have to look for Horlicks - I love malt flavor.

Sounds like you filled your time very well. Are you following Downton Abbey? They have the first season's 4 episodes on the website, but they expire today