Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Horror of It All

An unusual fit of housekeeping
has come upon me.
I moved the old heavy dresser that is in our bedroom.
Heaven knows the last time I vacuumed
the wall behind it
and the carpeting it sits on.

Even Miss Havisham would be scandalized.
On to moving the brass bed.
There are dust rhinos there.

Happy Weekend.
best, e.


Ginnie said...

I'm not a fan of housecleaning (give me yard work any day) but it does feel great when I've finally cleaned something that has been neglected for too long. Good for you!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Yes, just think of the glow you'll feel when you remember your dresser's clean backside. At my house we have dust hippos.

Love the Miss H. picture. Don't you think she would have had terrible allergies?

Susan T said...

I too love the Miss Havisham image, personally I don't think she would have had allergies at all she would have been so encased in ancient layers of dust that her immune system would have been as desiccated as she was. Quentin Crisp one said
"After the third year, the dust doesn't get any worse" however dust rhinos can get to be a nuisance, they would rattle the bed too much.

Top marks for effort, you can bask in glory. Husband and I cleared out the spare room yesterday, we are still busy congratulating ourselves on our fine job. He found a chess set he was looking for and I found things I didn't know I had lost.

jackie said...

mrs. havisham would certainly be apalled by the dust menagerie at my house - certainly a zoo's worth!

Mona said...

I don't know Mrs. Havisham, but I presume she's very happy not to know me - or my house :)
I had a fit too, not housekeeping ... but house demolition. I tore down the ceiling in my workroom - and then I tore everything else down, except the walls. (Even though they now look like I tried to tear them down too).I must be out of my mind, didn't really need more to do right now. But there's no way back now. But there's always a chance I'll get a new and lovely woorkroom (sooner or later) :)

Ginnie said...

My mother's eyesight was very poor when she was in her 80's and she was living in a small apartment attached to my sister's house. She wasn't able to see the crumbs and dust that accumulated and I remember her saying "I make sure to clean once a month whether it needs it or not" as we, her children raised our eyebrows!

henny said...

I also don't know about Miss Havisham. Hope she couldn't visit my home....;)especially my sewing table's drawer. She could tight her self by messy threads there. LOL!