Thursday, September 25, 2008

She Is Hoarding Her Light... the beauty of her creations. Pilgrims of warmth and brilliance, balanced against the bluest of blues, slowly move southward. It is time for her bounty to say farewell.
The linen fields will soon open to a soft green with the coming rain.
Slowly and purposefully, she will paint her leaves with hues that dazzle the eye and warm the spirit. She knows well how to give care before the darkness and cold....before the silence and stillness of sleep.
Arrows in the sky and music in the bleached grass, her geese, crickets and crows come together in an autumnal pavane; a slow and mixed dance of joy and sadness.
The mountains may well be hidden, but the letter of the red leaf that falls to the ground will sustain and fan hope.
She only dons a different gown.
We will draw close to the fire and warmth, and remember with comfort, the red letter and the promise of what is to come.

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~Cullen Lover~ said...

you are such a good writer!!!!!!! what happened to you.You use to go to my blog and now you dont no offense.

Anonymous said...

Did you still to take the picture with usual digital camera, Ellen? How beautifulll....

weebug said...

i love the way that your words weave together. pure magic!

jacquie said...

the joy of fall. thanks ellen. (hey, would you mind sending me your address...i have a little something for you.)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and so perfectly put!