Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday....

...to a 4yr. old! Wow, 4 years old already.

S. came down with our son on Sunday to spend the day. While her daddy was helping to cut down some big, dead trees, we wandered around and had a great time.

I made this little smock for her and I think that she likes it. I thought it turned out pretty cute.

Next Sunday she and her daddy and mama and the two of us are all going to go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. I haven't been in years and S. has never been. She is very excited but a little bit apprehensive that the sharks are going to "get" her. That thought would worry me too. Hopefully, her fears will melt away once she realizes that there will be glass between her and those scary creatures.

It's a beautiful aquarium and of course the Oregon coast is gorgeous. Maybe we can even have a picnic on the beach.
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I love you, sweet little one!



Amy said...

How sweet, great job! Love the photo of S. with her back to the camera...her cute smock and boots.

Glad you got word from your partner. We had the stomach flu come through the house today, first time to take a rest.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful grand daughter! Cute smock, Ellen..

Many people said having grandchildren is quite different than children, more fun, is it true? Hope you all will have a great time to see 'sharks & his friends' :)

Dianne MacDonald said...

Happy birthday to your grand-daughter. So cute in her little smock! My youngest grand-daughter was four on the 15th. They are such fun at this age and it goes by way too fast.

fridastar said...

Oh she is soooooo cute!!!

Hurrayic said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful - Happy Birthday! I like that apron/smock with the tiny embroidery. Very nice. And thank you for your sweet words about resurfacing on the blog. It's nice to be 'back'.

Anonymous said...

That smock is the sweetest, and what an adorably cute model!! Happy Birthday little one. The Oregon Coast Aquarium - been there once and loved it, have a great time!