Tuesday, March 4, 2008


These came a bit ago and I have been waiting in hopes of a sunny day to take a picture. These are the best shots I can get...sorry the one is so fuzzy.
Susan from SuzeeSews sent them and they are super...little log cabin designs with some lovely embroidery. The dragon fly is so sweet.
She also included heart shaped soaps and some yummy scented bath salts.

I've said Thank You before, but I say it again.

Thanks, Susan for such wonderful coasters.



weebug said...

those are so sweet!

Monica said...

They look so cute!

jennyflowerblue said...

Hi there, Found your blog from the Blog tutorial and love it! The Jesus Bread thing made me chuckle, do you think you could market it? I really lke the coasters. Mine stick to the bottom of slopped drinks then fall on the floor and make you jump, so textiles ones look a great idea. I like the combination of patchwork and stitching. Great work!!