Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Casting My Bread Upon the Water...

I made bread for my grandson the other day. He had been complaining that he never gets to eat white bread, so I sent a loaf home with his dad. He took one casual glance at the bread and declared, "It looks just like Jesus Bread."

It was a little rustic looking. It was a bit off center...not a bit like the picture from my very old cookbook.

But today I heard that he had declared it the Best White Bread he'd ever my bread came back to me many fold and with blessings.

Who knew I could actually make Jesus Bread!

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Amy said...

Jesus Bread, I love it!! I like to sit back and listen to children talk. Ibby asked her daddy the other day, as she was looking at a coin..."Why are just men on all the monies in the world?" Boy, did that question make me proud, maybe I am teaching her a thing or two!

weebug said...

yummy looking bread!

Monica said...

Love the story! I've never make bread, but I remember the fresh taste and smell of just-out-of-the oven bread in my neighborhood bakery in Ecuador. Delicious!