Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Trojan Horse of Sorrow....

....Or Being Round in a Flat World.

The Trojan Horse of Sorrow comes into all of our lives....at one time or another. He packs his grayness, his weft and warp of darkness for us all. He invades our spaces, licks up our joy and spits it out. He renders us round in a flat world. Round in a flat world we are helpless to take our direction. We have no rudder. A tiny breeze of discontentment blows and we are off and rolling in a place we neither choose nor recognize. As we roll, we gather dust. We get stuck in corners. We slow down and are debilitated by our inaction and inability to choose.
We pray that someone will lean down and pick us up. Someone will pull us up to safety, to comfort and to that place we always long for..JOY. The place where we feel loved, we have choices and the place where we can say,"GO" to the Trojan Horse Of Sorrow, and to where we are no longer round in a flat world.
I know that it takes more than words to help a friend. I know that words can be powerful.
If you have a friend who needs some words (we all need them) send them.
Send them through email, send them through the written word, send them on the wing, a prayer, a hope, on the wind and through whomever you pray for and love.

(this is for a special person in California..I will never meet her, but her support for me has been wonderful)



robyn L. said...

In many ways, this post could have been for me. Thank you for your poignant description and comforting words.


Monica said...

So touching! Like Robyn said in her comment, this post could have been for me too. Thanks Ellen.

marylou said...

It's me and you against the world, so when do we attack??

Maybe a bit inappropriate for your beautiful post but sometimes when words fail me I get nervous and say ridiculous things;) You know me girlfriend;) Thank you from ALL of us!!!

Hug Ellen, Marylou ^-^

Nora said...

That's a great image, the Trojan horse. Describes how tough it can be to get rid of it. You are a kind friend, Ellen.

weebug said...

ellen, you truly have a way with words. thank you for sharing them with me.

Amy said...

Thank you for this reminder, to send those words out to a friend. I too have been touched by these words, thank you for that as well.

Hurrayic said...

Very good words to think about and act upon. Thanks. And thanks for commenting. The kitties were sent out today - hopefully you'll see them in about 2 days?