Thursday, February 21, 2008

Since The High Hills....

.....refused to move, we drove a mile down the two lane highway to watch the show.

There she was in all of her voluptuous splendor. Slowly, as if made aware of her nakedness and striking beauty, in modesty she began to cover herself.
Veil by veil, minute by minute, she obscured herself from our watching eyes.

Her silent sisters, the stars, began to circle round her in quiet affirmation and support. The darker she rendered herself, the brighter her sisters grew, until the whole night sky was punctured by their beauty.

Then, as if she remembered that she was Queen of the Night, she began shedding each veil, deliberately, but languidly, until she was once again fully naked, triumphant and glorious.

It was a show: A Peep Show, A Strip Tease in reverse and it was magnificent!

(NASA photo)


Amy said...

Nature can put on some pretty good shows, even peep shows ;)

Monica said...

Beautifully written, and how magical nature is.
Have a great weekend Ellen!

weebug said...

wonderfully wrote, and so full of imagery. i love your poetic prose.

marylou said...

I adore this post almost as much as I adore you;)
Beautifully written!!!
Thank you for sharing;)
Hugging as tightly as I can;)
Marylou ^-^

robyn L. said...

Beautiful description, Ellen. Poetic.

jacquie said...

Gee you write poetry on the side? I sat on my front porch wrapped in a quilt and watched the same described it just perfectly. Thanks for leaving a comment when you visited my blog. I also so related to your story of Rusty. I have known so many "Rusty's" over the years.

Nora said...

This is great. I saw a few minutes of the covering up part :-). Lovely.

montague said...

absolutly beautiful shot!!!