Saturday, November 24, 2007

One More Thing

to be thankful for in this post Thanksgiving time. She was so beautiful, so overwhelming last night.
"That orbed maiden, with white fire laden, whom mortals call the moon."



Amy said...

What a great shot, Ellen! You really captured the "orbed maiden" beautifully :)...hope you had a wonderful feast.

marylou said...

As the moon's fair image quaketh
In the raging waves of ocean,
Whilst she, in the vault of heaven,
Moves with silent peaceful motion.
- Heinrich Heine, Book of Songs
Dear E,
What a most spectacular photo!! I may have to ask your permission to borrow it?? Truly stunning, thanks so very much for sharing. I hope your Thanksgiving was all this and more:)
Hug Life, Marylou

Anonymous said...

what an awesome shot! you captured it well. I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.