Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Light a candle
Light two candles
Light a hundred
Light a million
Curse the darkness
Bring all your light to shine
On the darkness.
Send your light, your prayers
However you choose to do it.
Send your light, send your comfort.
Hold your loved ones close
Ask of yourself what you can do to help
Ask of yourself what you can do each day
To stop this madness.
Send your light, your love, your prayers
To people you don't even know.
Send it to those parents, those students
Who are experiencing unconceivable loss.
To those who are afraid, to those who live in terror
To those who will forever be changed
To those who will never be the same
To those young who are too young to go through such horror.
Send comfort in any way you can.
Light Candles.
Shine your light on evil, on pain
On senseless loss.

1 comment:

Brenda Williams said...

The easiest way to shine our light for others is simply to smile when we meet them. How often we get caught up in our own little teapot tempests and forget to pass our smiles around to brighten others' stormy days. Thank you for the post; it seems that there is an overabundance of darkness around us. We can either choose to walk in it or to create light wherever we are.