Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hard Times

Gone for a while..as I have been gone. Have photos, but it hurts to pull them up. Been forbidden to knit, so much pain lately and no one knows why. Shoulders and neck, arms that were doing well, but then everything went to Hell. I hope to be back one of these days. Forgive my not commenting on blogs that I love. Wishing all who come here love and grace.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Dishing It Up"

..as in making dishcloths for some Christmas presents. Not exactly on most peoples' wishlist, but I do know that some really like them. My photos are not very good. I blame the light outside today. It's been very dreary and quite rainy at times. It is always a delight to blame trash photos on the light! 

The last one is obviously not completed. The pattern, I believe, is called The Almost Lost Dishcloth. When you have completed fourteen points, you seam it up and then close the hole in the middle. It is a fun knit and turns out quite lovely. The first ones I also like. I don't know the name of them and when you knit them, they look as if they will never become a square...but, magic happens and they do. 
Wishing all a wonderful week, and sending loving thoughts to some who are going through very hard times now.
With love, Ellen.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Dear October,
You were splendid. Do not tell the others, but you are my favorite month. You brought bright sunny days, not too hot, chilly and misty mornings, the right amount of gentle rains and such radiance.
I love you October. You are never to be removed from my heart.

Wooly bears, hops, gourds, pumpkins, brilliant spider webs, feathers, lovely views of our bridge and your breathtaking colors.
Wishing all a lovely and happy November,
p.s. Dearest October, I do not mean to offend you or to cause hard feelings, but I am a bit disappointed that you did not take the fruit flies with you. They are still in residence here. I know you can't do everything.