Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Very Late Goodbye

to October.
Dear October,
You were the best.
If Autumn were a seasonal sandwich,
you were the goodness,
the nourishment
and the tastiness
lying between the bargain supermarket
white bread that was September 
and now is November.
You were everything I wished for
and all I needed.
You were all glory
with your brilliant reds,
coppery yellows,
joyous orange
and freckle-flecked browns.
Each day was a gift,
below me, above me and around me.
Dear, dear October,
you are #1 in the Calendar of My Heart.


Many thanks again for all of your notes
of kindness and support.
I have learned a very important thing
through all of the worries concerning my siblings.
I have known the importance of giving
thanks for all the good in my life,
but now I understand and am determined
to practice the act of being Thankful For That Which I Can Do.
It dawned on me that we are all blessed
to be able to do the simple and most mundane
tasks that each day always brings...
the washing of dishes
the washing of clothes
the constant clean up
the running of errands
the things that are not always welcomed
or enjoyed, or even those tasks
which seem tedious and never-ending.
I am blessed because I can still do these things.
There will come a day when like my siblings,
I'll not be able to.
I'll take them on gratefully for as long as possible.
And should I forget and relapse
and turn the air blue with my language,
do remind me with a good slap!
Love and thanks,