Thursday, April 26, 2007

A CHANCE for Chance

Last weekend I sent Chance off with fingers crossed. You ask (or may not ask, or be interested) "Who is Chance?"
Chance is my computer...the guy I have a love/hate/I'm intimidated relationship with. Chance had been behaving badly. He was exhibiting episodes of unwellness. Chance was disappearing when I needed him. He was clearly "unwell." Chance was experiencing spasmodic occurrences
of fainting, dropsy, miasma...and just plain uncooperativeness. Our inability to work together, which at best is tenuous, was becoming untenable.
I promised him that I would send him to someplace pleasant, a spot where he would be tenderly taken care of, a sort of Computer Spa. I promised that he would experience healing touch, that he would have a space and place to unwind, that any free radicals, metabolism imbalances, and/or cardio problems would be addressed.
I also promised that there would be no:
  1. juice fasting
  2. seaweed or mud packs
  3. seated meditation
  4. Pilates
  5. exfoliation
  6. Asanas
  7. enemas or colonics
  8. chanting or group hugs
Chance came complaints. He seems to have enjoyed his respite. He has been cooperative, energetic and healthy. I am so glad to have him back whole and well. I hope that he knows how much I appreciate his help.

p.s. this morning when I came in to say good morning to Chance I found a little note from him:
I've scheduled your appointment at The Affiliation of Computers Who Are Owned by Bungling Idiots Who Try to Do Things Online.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Loving the Colors of Spring

I really like these two colors together, although the picture doesn't do them justice. The purple flowers are from our nursery. They are from one of our rhododendrons...I can't remember the name of the plant.
The dogwood was a gift....get this, from the UPS delivery person who saw them way up the mountain (hill) from where we live. He gave them to my husband who brought them in and was astounded at the color..they are a greenish-yellow and so gorgeous. The tree that these came from was blooming right near all of the "normal" colored dogwoods. I just wish the green showed up better in the picture.
An amusing aside, when I taught kindergarten we were talking about what our "fathers did". One of my favorite responses was, "Oh, he works for PUS."

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Light a candle
Light two candles
Light a hundred
Light a million
Curse the darkness
Bring all your light to shine
On the darkness.
Send your light, your prayers
However you choose to do it.
Send your light, send your comfort.
Hold your loved ones close
Ask of yourself what you can do to help
Ask of yourself what you can do each day
To stop this madness.
Send your light, your love, your prayers
To people you don't even know.
Send it to those parents, those students
Who are experiencing unconceivable loss.
To those who are afraid, to those who live in terror
To those who will forever be changed
To those who will never be the same
To those young who are too young to go through such horror.
Send comfort in any way you can.
Light Candles.
Shine your light on evil, on pain
On senseless loss.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Care For A Cuppa?

There's English Breakfast, Lapsang Souchong, Yorkshire Gold, Darjeeling, Assan........

Whether you're of Lilliputian dimensions, or larger, we aim to please.
What I really wanted to show up here is my treasured cup on the's for those moustachioed (is that a word?) gentleman. You can't see the little peace on the top that protected a gentleman's moustache from getting tea on it. I'm saving it for when I am really OLD and may have an old lady moustache myself!


Friday, April 13, 2007

Wherein Miss Mousie Says, "Thanks, But No Thanks."

Froggy came a courtin'.
Miss Mousie declined.
"I see you're packing at your side.
I'm a peaceful creature,
I don't like strife.
So, please Macho Man,
Get out of my life.

Basic pattern for Miss Mousie came from toys to sew by Claire Garland

Thursday, April 12, 2007

An Old Hippie Recalled to Life

I embroidered this shirt so long ago (early to mid 70's) for my husband. It's been in the closet for years.
I still remember exactly where I sat while working on this shirt and where we went the first time he wore it. It seems so long ago, and we were living 3,000 plus miles away, our boys were little guys, life was so different then.
I love this shirt as I did then.
It's good to remember and to hang on to some things from the past.

Three Bags Full

These are the "Easter baskets" I made for my two daughters-in-law and a friend. I filled them with tea, a scented candle, a little sachet and some yummy smelling soap. All in all I was quite pleased with them and I think that they liked them too.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dreaming of aView

No, I cannot see this out my window. I did take this picture several years ago and today's weather is causing me to dream of other scenes.
It has been more like blustery March here the last few days. We've had fog, rain, hail, thunder and lightning, sun (a peek or two) wind....but no snow. We've pretty much run the gamut of Mother Nature's offerings this time of year.
Wishing you calmer more spring-like weather in your neighborhood...and a lovely view for all of us.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Dear Robert,
May you rest in peace you faithful little servant of dust, dirt, dog hair and general grunge remover. I miss you. I miss your persistence and assistance, your cheerful little motor, your lightness and maneuverability. You ingested tons of unwanted grit in your day. You gladly soldiered on through thick and thin. I have a replacement for you now although you will never be replaced in my heart. This newcomer is heavy and unwieldy and does not possess your charm. Thanks for the miles and for always being there for me. We all go out eventually. You did your best by me. Thanks old friend!
Dear Mr. C.
I cannot say that I will miss you. I am glad that you are gone. I was so tired of you widdling on my counter top every morning, I was tired of your lid that always fell off. You were not a good servant like Robert. You had no heart. You have been replaced by a much simpler machine and he is behaving quite well so far. He has not messed on my counter and he produces a lovely, hot and aromatic drink for me without complaint or bad behavior.
Dear Dryer,
I am sorry that you have had to sit idle for so long. (You have no idea how sorry.) I feel uncomfortable that your innards are exposed to all who pass by you. I know that you did not intend to start eating our clothes, nor did you set out to howl and screech when I urned you on. You just need a bit of surgery, some new parts and you'll be as good as new. I promise it won't be too much longer before we'll have you warmly spinning and doing what you've always done best. Meanwhile, please pray for sun.