Sunday, September 30, 2012

Holding On To Some Old...

Welcoming In The New...
Old photos that give me joy.
Saying goodbye to September.
September that brought such beauty
and some difficult times.
I greet October.
She will come with such loveliness.
I do know this.
Slanting light that limns.
Cold mornings and warm days.
October gathers her palette
and holds her brushes
so softly as she touches
each leaf and the sky
with her sweet and soulful hand.
best, e.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Big World Through Small Eyes*

My son sent these photos to me yesterday.
Aren't these two creatures
just adorable?
That wee green one
looks as if
he has been sent 
to the Time Out Leaf,
or the Thinking Leaf.
*His title not mine,
and I think it's perfect.
Love to all.
best, e.