Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Country Visitors

Early morning, just outside our kitchen/dining room area, (I use the term dining room loosely as it is separated from the kitchen
by the cooking island.) I had the pleasure to be
a fellow participant in greeting a spanking new day.
The large black blob you can see by the fence and near the turkeys is one of our Newfoundland dogs.
She checked the turkeys out and decided that they were safe
and proceeded to take a nap. They also seemed unperturbed by her.
Oh happy conviviality.
The darling chipmunk on top of the roof comes and goes.
She, or he, lives in our woodshed and gives me a ridiculous 
amount of pleasure. The butterfly was such a gift as
we have very few of them least I seldom see them.
Such a wonderful way to start the day.
Hoping everyone of you is well and enjoying a stellar week.
Summer has come in with a bang this week with temps up to
90+ degrees. It is cooler the 80's and I am eternally
grateful that is always cools off at night and we 
virtually have no humidity.
Silage is being made, ox-eye daisies are blanketing everything.
The morning light is delicious.
Wishing all a lovely rest of the week.
With love, Ellen.