Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bookmark Swap....Done and Soon Gone.....

Someone is hiding in this book...
...this is my version of a very demure Pippi.

This one was inspired by my love of home and the enjoyment I get when curled up with a book.

This one would be the more sedate marker.

Looks as if it needs another good pressing.

I had a good time making these three. I hope that the recipient will enjoy them.
I did remark to my husband that they were really ginormous bookmarks and he immediately chimed in, "They could be prayer shawls." One could always pray while reading I suppose, or wrap one around the throat if cold.
I am disappointed in the photos and very annoyed that although they were cropped and rotated, they have reverted to their original state! They were so hard to take, but as always, click on each one if you so desire for a better view.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Can You Stand Another Sunday Stroll?

Give yourself ten points if you make it to the end.

Friday, August 22, 2008

What She Left Behind.......

Early this morning in the gray, damp dawn, I noticed what Mother Nature had left behind. She has been gently weeping in the last few days. I can still see some of her tears. She has forgotten to take up some of her finely woven handkerchiefs. I love that she has tucked up some of her glorious creations, the leaves...and I notice that she has caught some of the delicate threads of her coat on the fence.                                                                                                 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thank You....

for honoring this often obtuse, sometimes nutty, now and then amorphous little place I call home. I am proud to be your adopted mother. (This is an honorary position as she does have a real life mother who has to be someone very special.) Proud because you write with grace and kindness, with humor and love. It is easy to "read" where your heart lies, to recognize your generosity and true genuineness. (Is that a word? If not, it should be.)
Jackie and I have often shared stories of raising sons; the joys, the bittersweet moments, and yes...the hilarity that always goes hand in hand with sharing a life with young men. Her boys are beautiful, responsible and remarkable. I always look forward to peeping in on the warmth and love that abounds, that is nourished and shared in her home. It is hard for me to feel that I give back an equal share to her.
(Does this sound like a love letter to a dear friend? If so, good!)

p.s. and edit: I just clicked on the link and came up with some strange demonstrated (once again) I know not what I do. This Jackie is at smoothpebble. Eek and ackkk, will I ever learn?

p.p.s. or pi$$...I tried again, I think it now works. The wonder of a glass of wine! In vino veritas.


I'd Like To Announce.......

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....the arrival of little Aubergina and Cucumberella.Despite weighing in at only a few ounces each, they are hale and hardy little gems. Though not exactly fraternal twins, they were both nurtured in the same whiskey barrel womb and are very welcomed. Excuse me for a moment while I gently nestle them back in their crisper crib where they can chill out quietly before they go on to greater glory this evening. (OOO, I am feeling most wickedly unmaternal here.)
There, they are both settled in, cozied up to the spinach and basil.
Enough nonsense. This is the first year ever that we have not had a proper garden. Living where your business is has many advantages as well as the disadvantage that sometimes there are no closing hours, and so other things like gardens go, by the wayside. I did plant some lettuces and Asian greens in an old wheelbarrow. Unfortunately, one of my sweet Newfoundland dogs discovered she had a love of organic greens and has repeatedly helped herself. As these were in her fenced in area and the normal big garden was never prepared, we are not about to enjoy a harvest this year. Oh, year, damn the torpedoes,full speed ahead, it will happen.

Happy weekend to all..and yes, the date is totally wrong. Oh, well..


Friday, August 8, 2008

Some Days I Feel Like This......

..........all blurry and unfocused, feet planted on the ground, but feet that want up to the moon and the sky......

...feet that want to say hello to the blue, beautiful sky, feet that want to brush the clouds; toes pressing on whiteness and blue. Heels touching the curve of the moon..God's toenail shining through the evening sky. Whispiness of clouds, the intention of pointed firs, the curve of a skyline...I want to be here forever. I want to wake up and see that curved line that cuts through the horizon, the blue on white, the white on blue. I want to hear the birds every spring..I want the birds to sing throughout spring and beyond. I want to hear them forever. I want to hear the little peepers each morning and evening. I want the lullaby of frogs and crickets. I want to always remember what a beautiful world this is...even if I am sometime feeling greenish/fuzzy and lost.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Soaking It Up....

.....with this small set of coasters that I made for a good friend. They should help with the drips from her glasses of lemonade.
And for me, some knitted sponges. It is a silly little project, but I am so tired of my stinky old sponges. I do run them through the washer, or nuke them in the microwave, but these are much more aesthetically pleasing to me and there are enough here for me to wash happily away with a clean one every day, or two clean ones if I am feeling especially virtuous on the front lines of the never ending dish washing skirmishes.