Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wild Things

I tried to capture the delightful scene of otters
swimming in our creek.
There was a mother and two babies who looked
so frisky and happy gliding in the low water.
My photos are not very good
as I was standing on top of our bridge
and they can be remarkably swift.
Actually, I had to discard most pictures
and the only ones remaining that were sort of o.k.
are just of the mother. I think the babies were
curled up in the water grasses napping.

This photo is taken in the opposite direction
and I love how the sky is reflected in the water.
This little land loving guy and his compatriots
have been very busy for weeks
climbing way up in the fir trees
to throw cones down which creates quite
a racket when the cones hit the top of my car
or the roof of the woodshed.
They leave the cones to burst open on their own
and then eat away, or hide them in very special places.

We have lived here for over thirty years
and I never remember a summer/fall where
we have had so many fir cones.
The acorns are also prolific this year.
Perhaps Mother Nature is posting her 
notes for a cold winter.

All the best to you and many thanks
for yesterday's visits.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Alive and Kicking

Yoo Hoo
I'm back after such a very long time.
Been missing in action because of an awful back injury
and just plain not getting it done.
I am not sure if I will remember how to navigate.
I'll start slowly with some images that are not exactly new,
but ones I hope you will enjoy.
I have missed all of you so much.

Many thanks to all you sweet and thoughtful
friends who have asked about me and expressed concern.
It means so much to me.
We have had a lovely summer here,
though it has been a very warm.
The gift of so many weeks of heat
has been an abundance of yummy tomatoes,
cucumbers and kale.
Wishing all a good and happy week.
I will be back tomorrow.
Much love, Ellen.