Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Eagles....

....incredible to watch.
And being the little yellow bus
that I am,
the link is not where I want it to be.
But, what the heck, it's there.
I found this space, this wonderful
place from another blog.
I am sorry that I cannot remember where.
I do give thanks to that person.
It has been such a joy to watch at times.
Here is something else.
Reading through the chat room rules, 
I have thought again and again
that these are such special
paths and intentions that we should all follow
in our lives. 
I have left out a few references to the eagles,
as I truly believe these apply to all of us.
  • Be respectful, polite, and focused
  • No profanity, personal invective, or other inappropriate comments
  • Disagreements might be unavoidable, but should remain polite, and they should never become arguments
  • Chatting is a privilege, not a right
We have so many rights in this country,
but how often we forget or ignore
the many privileges we have.
We have so many moments to stay 
focused on what is important, 
to be respectful and polite.
 If you haven't had the opportunity
to check in on the eagles,
I encourage you to do so.
best to all, e.
photo courtesy of Google

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Please Think About This...

Patricia sent an email today.
You can read about her blog entry here:
No matter what you do, what you create,
the beauty that you send out
to the world
 belongs to you and no one else.
Many people create such beauty
with positive intention.
Their hands and heart and mind
come together
and they are so generous in their sharing.
Patterns, ideas, photos, tutorials,
and support.
Many of us, me included, may not
create a book, we may not have a large following,
but our words, thoughts and efforts
are our own.
We all choose to do this
and it is always with hope
that others will respect our efforts.
This place, this space,
has granted me so much inspiration
and good will.
It has allowed me a spot to throw
out my words.
It has allowed me the privilege
of meeting so many wonderful 
and exceptional women and men.
Taking someone's words,
photos, ideas and creations,
is akin to violating their home,
their heart...and yes...
their being.
We can all speak out.
Not to mention that it is
best, e.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Over Heard.... the chicken yard.
Some things are best kept silent,
best kept within a closed circle.
Some things need to be
wrapped up, squeegeed together,
and then thrown away.
Some words are kind;
a cooling wind when one is hot.
Some words are garnered
from fields of kindness,
sieved and cleansed.
Some words are as follows:

Mrs. Dickens...have you noticed how Carmen
has totally milked her attack with the raccoon?
Betty...what attack?
Mrs. Dickens...Jeeze, you are dumb.
Don't you remember THE NIGHT?
Betty...what night?
Carmen, with gentleness...
The night of the attack.
Betty...What attack?
Mrs. Dickens... Good God,
you were there, Betty.
Betty...I was?
Edith...Yes, Betty, you were.
We were all there and it was awful.
Mrs. Dickens...
For God's Sake!
SHE ran out with her broken leg,
with that huge solid something,
a cast, I think they call it.
HE ran out  in his boxer shorts.
It was three in the morning.
SHE grabbed a 2x4.
HE flashed the light.
 The damned raccoon ran for it.
It was quite a sight and hysterical,
if I do say so myself.
Hester...But Carmen was all right.
She survived.
Iris...Yes, she did and that bad
karma will come back
and twist that raccoon into
a small piece of nothingness.
Betty..What is karma?
Jasmine...Don't worry, dear.
It's all over.
Betty...What's over?
Hester...Don't fret, Betty.
Life turns on a dime,
and we have some quarters left.
best to all,e.

Monday, April 18, 2011

No Camera.....

...all week. I forgot it at my son's house this weekend.
Every time I look out the window,
I see something I want to photograph.
Then, I remember that I left it way up north.
I'll get it back this weekend.
How is it that the weekend
seems so far away?
In its absence, 
I offer up some collages made from old photos.
Wishing all a wonderful and sunny week.
best to all, e.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It Must Be Spring..

Families of birds
are packing up and leaving.
A new community
is moving in
and will set up housekeeping
in the woods and fields.
I wonder if they chat
with each other in passing.
How was your trip
and did it take long?
Are you going
to miss your old stomping grounds?
There's some prime real estate
around here.
Keep in mind, we'll be back.
Take care of the neighborhood
and don't bring it down.

Petals unfold in commas
like the pages of my new book,
delicious with hidden messages
and round words.
Anticipation is high,
and there is surprise
with every turn.

I swear
that the picture of my Grandmother
hanging in the hall,
shines a little brighter.
I think I see the blush
of rose in her cheeks.
Spring was always
her favorite chapter.

best to all, e.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Vet...

"Gammie, I'm a vet and I want you to call me."
"O.K. I'll call your office."
"What is the number?"
"Um, it's..just a minute. It's
Brrrr-ing. Burrr-ring.
"Hello, may I please speak to Dr. Kelley?"
"This is Dr. Kelley. Do you have a sick animal?"
"Yes, I do. In fact I have two."
"O.K. You can bring them in."
"Dr. Kelley, this is Puppy and this is Little Brown Dog,
or LBD."
"Can you describe what you have been
seeing about them? I mean, how have
they been acting?"
"Well, LBD seems to have some
pain in his stomach, and Puppy is always
scratching his ear and I think he has a fever."
"Well, let me just take a look. I'll take their
temperature and I may have to x-ray them."
"Please have a seat."
"Yes, I can see that Little Brown Dog
is having some problems. His x-rays
show that there are germs in his stomach.
He is running a little fever. I have some
medicine that will help."
 "Puppy's ear has some yellow and red stuff in it."
"I am not sure what is causing this, but I'll
bandage it and give him some medicine too."
"I'd like to keep them overnight. Would that be o.k. with you?"
"Oh, yes. Thank you Dr.Kelley."
"You're welcome and I will call you tomorrow."
(Then she whispers in my ear, "Gams, do you pay me,
or do I pay you?")
You gotta love a six year old.
best to all, e.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Stroll...

....I hope that you will come along.
I want to show you the big tree,
the Douglas Fir that blew down in the frightening
wind storm we had a few weeks ago.
This was the storm of menacing winds,
the storm of "Where do I stand,
where do I hide in the house?"
The storm when the wind roared,
"I am coming to get you!"
Here is the root ball. It must be ten feet tall.
If you will sit with me near the root ball,
we can look straight ahead.
It looks as if we are gazing upwards towards the sky.
We are, in fact, looking at the trunk.
It lies on the ground.
A behemoth of wood and moss.
We cannot see the end,
and this beauty has taken others with her,
as if to say,
"If I go, I want my sisters to come with me."
She will, in time with her sisters,
provide us with fuel for the wood stove.
Let's move on and see some of the beauty
that Spring is sending us.
Daffodils and trilliums,
daffodowndillies near the Forest Fairy Tree.
Trilliums in the forest, popping up
to say, "Hello."
Heading on home.
Look through the shade cloth with me.
I love the nuances of the world beyond.
It is a beauty.
Thanks for coming along.
I like company.
Best to all, e.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sometimes the Obvious.... right under my nose.
It just occurred to me
that I must really enjoy
dissecting works of art, and then
mixing them back together in my own crazy fashion.
I made this collage years ago.
I had just gotten a printer
and I was wild with excitement.
I spent hours on the Internet
searching for images.
I printed them out. It took forever with a dial up connection.
This is/was my humble homage to some
of the artists I have always loved.
I hope you enjoy it.
It is settled in a frame
and lives in our entry way
where I took out the folding doors of a small closet.
My grandmother's desk nestles in there.
I love this space, even if it leads
to the laundry room.
Best to all, e.