Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh, My...

the third time is the charm.
I have had 
a difficult time here
on my blog.
Let's see what happens. 
I wanted to put some photos up
from last week...
clouds that moved in
without any wind...
just drifting in
like silent dirigibles...
a gathering of clouds
that I wanted to put a name to.

They eventually merged,
married and stayed the whole week,
blotting out the sun,
and raining down on us.
I got to thinking (Whew, who knew..think, me?)
about the group terms for clouds.
I have spent an inordinate amount of time
giving names to cloud gatherings.
I do think that it depends
on your weather,
what you hope for
and what you want.
If  your are uncomfortably hot,
you might call them 
a comfort of clouds,
a relief of clouds, 
or a shade of clouds.
If your day wants no clouds,
and you are going out
to revel in the sunshine,
you may as well call them
a curse of clouds,
a doom of clouds, 
or a danger of clouds.
There could also be a
prediction of clouds,
and a harbinger of clouds.
Barring anything else,
and if one wants to be whimsical,
a person could refer to them as
a cobbler, a clabber, a slurry,
a meringue, a punctuation,
a plump....
or a douche of clouds...
or we could all revert
to that lovely time of childhood
and find magic in those clouds...
dragons, sheep, faces and images
of the joys of life when young.

As it rained all week for the most part,
I went looking for color around here. 

This green the same leaf in the photo below.
Behold the beauty and magic of both sides now.

Does not this little maple seed
with the one behind it
look like a glorious insect?
a beautiful book of group terms...
real and fanciful,
An Exaltation of Larks...
by James Lipton
I had an old copy years ago..
what is more lyrical than
an exaltation of larks?
Makes me happy,
as those of you who visit here do...
taking the time to say hello... 
there is such joy in connection.
I give thanks for that...for you.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No Rescue Required

She is of this world,
but not in this world.
What she has right now
is what she wants.
She has music
and her beloved books,
pen and paper at hand
for the writing of poems,
stories and daily observances.

She has her sun-yellow canaries,
Heloise and Abelard,
and her ginger cat.

Her door may be locked,
but she has the key.

She has her spinning and weaving.
She is solitary but never lonely.
She is happy, but more importantly,
she is deeply content.
These friends bring her anything
she might need.

This is her home
and it is in her heart.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Two Mosaics....

....because I am attracted
to patterns and shapes,
texture and color.

A good week to all,

Monday, June 3, 2013

For Many Years....

....she has been right here.
I see her every morning, noon and night.
She was my mother's little
Calico Cat.
She sits on my daddy's dresser
right near his brushes.
His mirror and file lie close by.
She is missing one ear.
That is forgiven as she must be
close to 100 years old.
Daddy's dresser must be
at least that old.
I like to think that they talk
to each other every day...
that her small body warms
that which was his.
I like to imagine that while I sleep,
whispers of loving memories
float between them.
They both give me joy,
this dresser and this little cat.

I lost both of them in my
early thirties.
It was too soon,
but, isn't it always so?
The pain has been gone
for many years now.
Only joy remains.
I see them both in me
and in my children,
and that is such a blessing.
During the first year of their loss,
so long ago,
I kept having awful dreams
of trying to get to them.
Then one night I was given
the most miraculous gift.
In my dream
I was standing on the side of a road.
They drove up beside me
in a sports down.
They were young and vibrant
and their faces were filled
with happiness and love.
They both said to me,
"It's all right, Sweetie."
They smiled, waved
and were off.
That dream-gift
will stay with me forever.
I am eternally grateful.
Love and thanks
to all who stop by this wee space.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wild And Weedy


One would think
that because we have a nursery
and it surrounds us,
that we would have
perfectly manicured and landscaped
But I cannot ever get over
the beauty of the weediness (weedy-ness?)
that surrounds me.
I am grateful for such humble beauty.
These girls have a manicured lawn.

Love to all on a Sunday
with thanks forever
to you who visit.