Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mended and Good

My eye is just Jim Dandy. Thank goodness. I am still squinting and making ugly faces as my old glasses just don't do the trick. With luck, I'll have new ones next week sometime and I will be so happy.
What a trip it's been, but I am so thankful for modern day surgery.

It has been rainy and stormy here...we lost all power the other day which is really not a big thing as I can cook on the woodstove and we do have kerosene lanterns, but we do not have water without electricity to run the pump from our well. No water is a bummer.
Usually I am prepared and have pots filled so that we can have water to cook with, brush our pearly-whites with and do a bit of clean up, but for some reason I neglected to do that task and I was bent out of shape over my neglectful ways. 
I did take some photos before the gales began. These were taken in one of our greenhouses as it was raining. I have no idea if they are rubbish or will pass muster because of the above mentioned eye/focusing problems I have. The last two are of some wild turkeys who came to call. I wish you could see the expressions on the faces of my chickens when these birds stroll by. It's hilarious.

I forgot to mention that the very first photo is of dogwood seedpod.
They are spectacularly glorious.
Many thanks for your good wishes. I do appreciate them so much.
I hope all of you are having a wonderful week.
With affection, Ellen.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


My eye is mending exceptionally well. I am so grateful for the progress and can really notice the improvement in how much clearer my vision is. I do need to wear my old glasses and the problem is that the right lens no longer "fits" my right eye. This causes much frustration as my depth perception stinks, driving is tricky and the ground is in the wrong place when I walk. I am also abnormally fatigued and I think that it's because I am using so much energy to just focus and not trip over my own feet. Next week I will go to the opthamologist to find out when I can get new glasses. I can't wait to get that done. I haven't even picked up my camera...I can well imagine what my photos would look like. Yikes!
I will add an old image that some of you may beloved visitor who came every day for weeks to bring cheer and a huge smile to my face.
 Naturally, I chose this image because of his beautiful eyes. Don't that say that the eyes are the window to the soul? If so, you just have to know what a soulful and wonderful being he was.
Thank you all for your concern and words of encouragement.
I'll be back, but probably not for a few days. 
Best to all, Ellen.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cow Chow....

....and babies.
In the spring we had some new additions to the herd.

I love the face on this one.
Zorro or Zorretta?

These last photos are of some of the forage my family planted for
the grazing cows. It was eventually baled, but a bit of it
ended up in jars in the house.
I think they are beautiful.

Above is arrow leaf clover and below triticale.

Hoping that all of you are having, or have had,
a wickedly good Wednesday.
Tomorrow I am off to the eye dr. to have
a cataract removed from my right eye.
I am grateful to be able to have this done
and will be even happier to have it over with.
These sneak up on everyone after a certain age
and I know it's a pretty routine procedure. 
Best to all, Ellen.