Saturday, August 29, 2015

Coasters or Mug Rugs

These are lots of fun to make and so easy.  Do a search for Criss Cross Coasters and you will find several tutorials. I'd leave a link here, but that implies I know how to do that...and that I do not know how to do.
I made a whole bunch a while back ago and gave them all away. I love how colorful they are. I ended up not using any interfacing because I like the corners to be a bit more crisp and I think they are quite substantial without the extra weight.

The instructions call for using charm packs which I had on hand, but of course you can chop chop with the scissors and forget the charm pack.
Hoping all of you are having a stellar weekend. 
p.s. we got a bit of rain last night without the added drama of electricity in the air. your good thoughts made it happen, that's for certain.
Love, Ellen.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Small Shots

Hoping that all of you are having a lovely week. It's been beautiful here today. Warm but not unbearable and the smoke from all of the wild fires has stayed away for the last few days, for which I am very thankful. I do think of all of the communities that are suffering such unbelievable hardships, fright and loss in this summer of unending heat and drought. It's like living in a tinder box, just waiting for Mother Nature to strike the match. 
Love to all, Ellen,

Sunday, August 16, 2015

To the Coast

On Saturday I rode with my niece to Winchester Bay. We tootled along in her pumpkin orange Jeep. I imagined myself as a geriatric Cinderella let out from The Farm For Fragile Fairy Tale Fading Females. It was a lovely day, a bit cloudy, a bit windy, and much cooler than what we have been experiencing here at home.
The bay was blessedly uncrowded and the waves amazingly busy and quite loud. Here is some of what I captured on my camera.

This guy, recognizing a Fading Female from the Farm, decided to do the cha cha just for me. He took it upon himself to brighten my escape.

We snacked on good cheese, hummus and carrots..hit the outhouse and headed back home after a long walk on the beach. Closer to home, this is what ended our day. This photo was taken by my niece as mine were just trash. The elk are protected here and certainly seem to know that, as this is not an uncommon sight. I did leave them a note of thanks and a reminder about how much we appreciate them not strolling through the nursery here at home.

I always enjoy spending time with my niece, it doesn't happen often, but when it does it's all good.

Today I declared it to be Slovenly Slothful Sunday and if it were a reality show, I definitely would not be kicked out. In fact, I think that I would win the contest. I have made the bed, prepared lunch, gone to town to get my husband a six pack of beer, and done an astounding two loads of wash. Well, I did empty the dishwasher and to my astonishment have posted another frivolous entry here.
Tomorrow's another day. Why do it today when you can do it tomorrow or even this coming Friday?

I want to thank each of you who have visited and left such lovely and encouraging comments for me. I do not take them lightly or for granted. You make my day.
Love, Ellen. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Triple B's

My wee Brown Betty and a a sea of Typhoo tea sailed off the other day to the end of a beloved tale.
Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day by Winifred Watson is one of the dearest books I have ever read. I love Miss Guinevere Pettigrew. I admire her courage and her sudden strokes of genius. I want to hold her hand and stroke her dear face in affection and with acknowledgement of all the painful years she has endured. I want to laugh with her, but not at her. She and this book are a pair of keepers.
If you have not read Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, I encourage you to do so. I do not for one second think that you will regret it.

Glory be to a well written and loved book and to the companionship of some good tea. 
Love, Ellen.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Early Morning Light

Oh, Hello wee one up there.

The sky truly was that red the other morning. I channeled my inner sailor and took warning. 
Here's a wish to all that your week is going along well.
(I sincerely hope that I have not caused anyone to fall out of their chair...imagine two posts in just a few days. I have absolutely no idea what has come over me.)
Love, Ellen.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The hurrier I go..

...the behinder I get.
There are days that I become so engrossed in what I am doing, what is happening around me, and what needs to be done, that I truly forget that there is this poor little space that could certainly use some love and attention. It has been an exceptionally busy summer, but others manage with the busyness and still manage to keep their blogs alive and well. I seem to lack that gene. I'll skip listing my excuses and share some photos taken since I last posted.

I harvested some lavender. It has dried beautifully, the scent is divine and I hope to make some sachets soon.

We picked just shy of thirty pounds of blueberries in less that thirty minutes. The field is just across our bridge and within walking distance. They are beautiful and all tucked up in the freezer to savor throughout the coming months. Yesterday I did make a cobbler with a yummy crumble on top. Delish!

These grow wild down by the same bridge and are egg yolk plums.
They are wonderfully juicy and when the sun hits them just right, they positively glow and do look so like an egg yolk. We gobbled them up in a few days.

Some goodness from the garden, which in all honesty has been just so poor this year. We have raised beds that are falling apart and grass has sprouted up in a twinkling of an eye and it is hard now to navigate between the beds. It does need a complete makeover before next spring and I am hoping that in time improvements will happen. Fingers crossed.

We have had no rain in so long. Spring here was unusually dry as well. It has been so hot for so many days...sometimes above 100 degrees. We do have the luxury of no humidity and a cooling off every night. It is not unheard of to have a 40 degree difference between late afternoon and the morning temps the following day.
I wear a flannel shirt or sweatshirt every a.m. until noonish. I can't complain about that.
Still struggling with the shoulder issues, though there has been such an improvement. Right now my other shoulder is crying uncle, probably because it's just worn out from carrying such a load. Physical therapy continues and it has been a godsend.
I hope all of you who come here are well and enjoying the best of summers. As always, I do love to hear from you and feel so privileged that you visit.
Love to all, Ellen.