Thursday, August 29, 2013

August in the Garden

Candle flame yellow..
our patty pans have been spectacular

Hops that when dried
will be mixed with home grown lavender
and buckwheat hull...
a lovely lulling sleep pillow to make

Fuzzy furry visitor

Proof of an organic plot

We do have tomatoes
but they live somewhere else
and have been quite bizarre this year
with curled leaves and cores
so tough they are hard to slice,
but delicious nonetheless.
Earthly Goodness
With appreciation and affection,

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello Sunshine

Wishing all a wonderful week.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Little Green Jewel

is still here,
although there have been
a few sad days
when I could not find him.
My son has declared,
"You have
separation anxiety, Ma."
Probably so!
Here are a few more
photos from the last few days,
and a new discovery
that probably explains
where he has been.

Are you able to see
the reflection in his eye?
Those are the fir trees
in the distance.

Here he is moving away
as if to say,
"Please grant me
some privacy."
The brownish colored curve
on the left in the photo
is an old wool hat
that I found on the ground
one day and carelessly
tossed up there.

And, here he appears
to spend most of his day,
even in the heat..underneath the hat.

Oh, he has been a most welcome guest
and such a little wonder.
I believe that he is
a Pacific Coast Tree Frog,
aka Chorus Frog.
Chorus Frog is so much more lyrical,
don't you think?
Wishing all a beautiful weekend,
and sending thanks for such thoughtful comments.