Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dear Mother Nature...

Look what you sent to me.
I am ever grateful for such beauty.
I am ever grateful for
such a surprise.
I am ever grateful for
a Fairy House.
As Dick and Jane said,
"Look, look."
Look at what beauty I saw.

Sometimes, I do think it
is a gift to be so surprised
by the loveliness of Nature.
To turn one's head and say,
as I did at lunch,
"Look, look!"
I do believe that I am channeling
my inner Dick and Jane.
Who could do it better for me?
The old one who learned to read
watching all of them; Mother,Father,Puff
et. all.
Being surprised in the tiny moment.
That's me.
See what I saw; see what made
my simple heart happy,
and my imagination of "See, See", 
and, "Look, Look!"
It is a good Fairy House to let.
Low rent, quiet neighborhood.
All of the amenities a 
small one would wish.
Lovely surroundings,
natural landscaping,
magical mushrooms,
and glorious moss.
What could be better than that
for wee people?

Truly, we were eating lunch
the other day and I nearly
jumped out of my chair
as my eye caught these adorable mushrooms.
Some are smaller than the head
of an eraser.
It is such a gift
to be startled out of one's space
by the beauty of Mother Nature.
Who better to live in such
a paradise, than the Forest Fairies?
best to all, e.
p.s. can you see how the tiny ones
underneath have turned upward so that you
see their gills? oh, is alive and real.
we just have to believe...believe in magic. it's good.


weebug said...

simply stunning! both photos and words.

Susan T said...

A little fairy wonderland indeed, just in time for a bit of yuletide magic.

Mrs. Micawber said...

I love the tiny delicate moss and the upward-turning mushrooms...and those translucent green leaves with delicate dots. So beautiful. Thanks for letting us enjoy it with you.

Ginnie said...

It is truly a gift that you have, Ellen, to be able to see beauty in all of nature. The pictures and the prose are magical. Thank you.

Mona said...

Thank you for this, Ellen. So beautiful and vibrant. You're a kindred spirit!

Ginnie said...

"Look, look!" is right! You have an eye for the beautiful and unusual, Ellen!