Monday, February 21, 2011

Gone For A Bit...

Cold here Blue and Beautiful
Many people for lunch yesterday
No walk
Hope all is well
Hope to be back soon
Chickens Arguing
Finished scarf, shawl
Need to block
New scarf started
Probably messed up pattern
Made good broccoli salad
Roasted pepitos
Dressing; onions, garlic, mustard
Grapeseed oil
Maple syrup
Actual Radio Gram above
Scan from man to be father
To woman to be mother
1920 something
Love they kept in touch
So far away
From eachother
Wishing good week to all
Snow predicted here
Hope not
Don't drive well in snow.

Best to all, ellen
p.s.want to know what he had to tell her.
I love you?

1 comment:

jackie said...

love your list-o-gram, may have to hijack it for a future post.
week of warm
followed by cold
no one wants to walk the dog
lots of basketball, laundry too
baking cookies
kids to dentist
fixed an onion tart that was delicious
looking forward to sleeping