Sunday, July 27, 2008

These Pictures Make Me Happy....

My niece took these pictures of my sister's beloved dog, Angus. In my imagination, Angie is at a Renaissance Fair performing with joyful abandon for all of the Ladies in Waiting, who are secretly swooning in the presence of the gallant knights in armor. The trumpets have sounded and the jousting is about to begin, all to be followed by a heady banquet, well oiled with mead and accompanied by minstrels and jongleurs.
In the smoky light of a hundred torches, jeweled chalices flash their brilliance.
And where is Angus now? He is asleep under the dais, nestled cozily by his Lady Eleanor's elegantly slippered feet, his belly filled with tidbits of roasted oxen, pheasant and snippets of sweetmeats.



jacquie said...

Sir Angus, m'lady appreciates your joyful romp!

Anonymous said...

My kids always want to have a dog. We've ever had twice (puppy), but both of them died by car accidents, first by the school bus and the last by my hubby's car! Lol! So.. no dog anymore..
Maybe later when we have a big yard.

weebug said...

how could those pictures not make one happy!